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St. Andrews
St. Andrews, Gateway Galleries, St Andrews, KY16 9RJ, United Kingdom
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Scotland 2017

Come and join Spiritualists from around the world at our ISF International Congress.

It will be a unique opportunity to study & live within the confines of St Andrews University, one of Scotland’s oldest seats of learning, founded between 1410-1413 AD.

The accommodation is well appointed – all rooms have en-suite shower rooms, double bedded rooms with some rooms disability-adapted.

St Andrews has established a good reputation in its self-service dining room and bar Facilities. The Facilities in the modern, bright conference centre are second to none. The price is all inclusive of accommodation, all meals and refreshments during conference and tutor costs.

In addition to the group work, the ISF will be presenting demonstrations of the various forms of mediumship and workshops in the following subjects: blindfold mediumship, astrology, spoon bending, DNA healing and Spirit Guides.

Group Training Offered

Mental Mediumship (AM & PM)

Develop your mediumship skills with International tutors.

Trance Mediumship (AM & PM)

A fascinating, practical journey into the world of trance mediumship.

Trance to Physical Mediumship (AM only)

A practical insight into trance and physical mediumship with a chance to sit for experimental sessions.

Physiology of Mediumship (AM only)

A new, exciting course, practical experimentation to bring the two areas of science and mediumship together.

Spirit Art-Spirit Portraits (PM only)

Spirit art, a fascinating skill to bring the faces of loved ones close… no art skills needed!

Spiritual Healing (PM only)

Develop the gentle skills required to be a channel for healing energy.

Shamanic Journeying (PM only)

Experience and learn to connect with Spirit in this unique way.


August 13, 2017
August 19, 2017

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