Between Congresses, held every two years, members are kept informed of other activities through the pages of “Yours Fraternally”, a four monthly journal which is issued free of charge to members and member organisations. The journal is printed in English which is the official language of the Federation. The information in “Yours Fraternally” is supplemented by that on the ISF Website on the Internet.

The General Secretary, Membership Secretary, President and other officials are constantly in touch with members and member organisations in various countries and information is exchanged between them and also given to the public.

On request, the Federation sends Teaching Teams to any country in the world. The usual arrangement is that the ISF pays travelling expenses to the country concerned and the host body is responsible for food and accommodation. The object of such teams is to supplement local teaching for mediums, healers and speakers and to help raise the standards of presentation of Spiritualism throughout the world.

During both weeks and weekends the ISF hold group work in Mental Mediumship, Trance Mediumship, Physical Mediumship, Healing, Spirit/Physic Art and Shamanic Drumming. During the weeks there is the opportunity to attending workshops and lecturers on different subjects. Every morning you are given the option to attend either a Mediation session or Tai Chi. The evening is normally a demonstration from either, Tutors, Students or Guest Medium. The evening sessions are usually followed by a get together with fellow attendees. At the end of our weeks/weekends a Healing Services is held culminating our splendid week/weekends. We look forward to seeing you at our future events. For further information regarding any future events please email

The Scientific Forum co-operates with those interested in Psychical Research (Parapsychology) and is chiefly concerned with the scientific aspects of Spiritualism. Research reports are collected and published in our journal from time to time.