The Scientific Aspects

Spiritualism is a world movement bringing new knowledge about the reality of spirit and the survival of the human personality after physical death. The evidence and information provided through Spiritualist mediums demonstrates not only this but also the purpose of our existence.

The philosophy of life which stems from this, whilst similar to the philosophy of some other world movements, is really quite unique and when understood and accepted, could lead to the transformation of human society by changing attitudes to a wide range of social, political and economic activities.

Information received through mediums many years ago disclosed for instance, the existence of “dark matter” in the universe and anticipated by decades, the work of quantum physicists. Had scientists such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Professor Geley, Professor Charles Richet, Dr. Schrenck-Notzing and Sir William Barrett, (who thoroughly investigated and accepted the mediumistic phenomena of materialisation), possessed the knowledge of particle and Einsteinian physics which present scientists possess, it is possible that much of the horror associated with the misuse of atomic energy for instance, could have been avoided.

The greatest field of exploration remaining to science is that of the mind and here Spiritualism has and can play a vital role.

Most scientists still claim the mind to be purely physical; but the evidence of mediumship shows it is quite clearly non-physical and that it survives the death of the physical body. It is by using the power of the mind that the spirit helpers of materialisation mediums claim they are able to convert the energy circulating at a seance into ectoplasm, the substance using which “dead” people can become solid flesh for short periods of time.

It is not so fanciful to suppose therefore that once we fully understand the enormous power of the mind and how to harness its product, thought, we will be on the threshold of a development far more revolutionary for humanity than the industrial revolution. We at the ISF believe Spiritualism has an important role to play in such research.

The ISF has a Scientific Forum charged with collecting together scientific information involving mediumship and other psychic activity and bringing the most important of these to the attention of members.