The Philosophical Aspects

The philosophical and religious, or spiritual aspect of Spiritualism has been written about extensively by many well known writers in a large number of different countries. These books and pamphlets provide the student with valuable guidance.

Guidance on how proof that the human personality survives death and all life is linked through the power of the spirit, leads to a unique interpretation of how human beings relate to one another, to all other forms of life, to the universe and to that universal intelligence, generally called God.
The philosophy and religion of Spiritualism shows that nothing happens without a purpose and although it is not always easy for individuals to identify, there is a definite reason for every human life – long or short.

Of all philosophical systems in the world, Spiritualism comes closest to explaining in simple everyday terms, why we are here and where we are going. What other religious body for instance accepts that progress is eternal and open to EVERY human being, irrespective of race, religion or colour? No dire warnings such as “believe as we do or you perish”!
It is true to say that not all members of the Federation subscribe to the religious view of Spiritualism but that is a reflection of the tolerance and broad base of our membership.