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We are pleased to announce the first ISF online event of 2024. On 17th February, 2024, at 18:00 to 21.00 hrs (6pm – 9pm) UK London time, the ISF will host the following special fundraising event:

  • It will begin with a talk by our ISF President Robin Hodson on the history of the ISF.
  • Followed by a talk from Ann Harrison, Physical Phenomena: Its Aspects and 20 years Experiences of it.

After a short break we will have a mediumship demonstration to showcase the amazing mediumistic talents of ISF members!
The mediums for this event are:

  • Lou Ann Beecher (USA),
  • Simone Ruegsegger (Switzerland)
  • Hazel Martin (UK)

Please Register for the Event and show your support!

The fee for this fundraiser is £15. The link will be sent to you after payment.


Robin Hodson

Robin Hodson is an English Medium with nearly 40 years experience serving Spiritualist Churches and Centres both in his native Britain and America, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden.  Robin is the President of the International Spiritualist Federation and President of Seafordspirit, an independent Spiritualist centre. In addition to the church and public platform presentations of mediumship, Robin is an experienced tutor in the various forms of mediumship, his main area of interest is trance and physical mediumship, having run physical circles for over 30 years.

Ann Harrison

Ann Harrison originally trained in Pharmacy before taking a degree in Education at the University of Wales and teaching for a number of years in schools in East Yorkshire, England.

In1990 she became interested in Communication from the Spirit Realmsand became involved in research into Psychical Physical Phenomena on meeting her second husband, Tom Harrison, in 1993. They were members of Stewart Alexander’s Home circle for 6 years, as well as having their own Home Circle in the late 1990s.

Having moved to Spain they sat with Robert McLernon and his wife for almost 7 years witnessing amazing transfiguration and trance teachings. When Tom passed in 2010 he quickly connected with many mediums in a number of ways so that Ann could write a book – Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison’s “Desire to Communicate”.

Ann has sat in a number of circles with  reputable physical mediums since then and in  May 2023 put her own amazing experiences on record in – Experiences of Physical Phenomena in the 21st Century, which is the basis for her talk.

Lou Ann Beecher

Lou Ann Beecher, a Spiritual Medium, Healer, and Teacher, embarked on her profound spiritual journey in the early 1990s. For more than 25 years, she has dedicated herself to her working with Spirit. As an experienced practitioner, Lou Ann shares her guidance through a diverse array of instructional offerings, including in-person and online workshops and courses focused on intuition, mediumship, and healing. She is the owner of Serenity Guides, based in Maryland USA. She has contributed her expertise as a tutor for the International Spiritualist Federation and for the annual International Mediums Week.

Simone Rüegsegger

Simone Rüegsegger is from Muttenz, Switzerland. She is a working medium, healer and a certified spiritual coach. She teaches mediumship internationally, is a circle leader for mental and physical mediumship and is dedicated to serving Spirit since 2002. Simone is grateful for the gift of building bridges between the spirit realm and the living on this plane. Her vocation is the teaching of mediumship, to share her experience and knowledge. It is a blessing for her, to bring healing for those in need, to ease the pain of mourners, to give a hand in overcoming obstacles and to bring passed loved ones close to you.

Hazel Martin

Hazel Martin is a British medium and has been working for Spirit for 18 years. She demonstrates in both the UK and the US. She has been a teacher and mentor for 14 years and runs numerous workshops in mediumship and trance development. She has been an ISF tutor for 3 years and is looking forward to some private tutorship this year for a large group from Switzerland. She is excited about rolling out her first mentorship programme this year and loves nothing more than helping others to exceed their expectations. Her focus is to develop working mediums to provide strong, factual evidence who display high standards and a passion for serving Spirit.


February 17
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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